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The Best Running Partner

The Best Running Partner

The start of a fitness journey for humans and hounds.

The Dog Backpacker Online Community Doggy C25K started on the 01 Feb with a number of humans and their hounds signing up to take part.

Launching off all three social media platforms, with our instagram being the most popular community (you can follow is @thedogbackpacker) the date soon came around, nervous, excitied, not sure were some of the feelings around. With full support from The Dog Backpacker and their fellow participants, the community came together and smashed in their first day of their unique and special journey with their dog from C25K.

I always feel going out for a run/jog with your dog isn't just about going for a run/jog it feels like so much more than that. I don't have a love for running, Alpha does, however I have a love for being out with her and when I go running with Alpha I actually really enjoy it.

We wanted others to get that feeling, seeing all the feedback so far has been amazing. Alpha and I are also following the same programme as we wanted to be involved and take part. Our Instagram C25K online community have really come together. You can follow their progress in our instagram stories as well as our own.

Being a qualified personal trainer I have a passion for fitness and a passion for dogs, I can't think off anything better than combinding the two together. 

Your dog is a great running partner, and they will always want to go out with you, some may need a little more encouragement but thats where the connection and the bond between the two of you grows. Achieving a goal together, pushing through the struggles and coming out the other end, they will always be there with you. Just remember some breeds are more suitable for running with than others, any doubts - check with your vet first. Also it is reccommended that only dogs of 1 year old should participate in running, or obstacle events. 

There are certain events that you can now participate in with your dogs throughout the UK from mud runs, obstacle runs, triathlons and more. 

Want to find out about our next Online Community Doggy C25K drop us a quick email