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A Christmas Gift

A Christmas Gift

Want something a little different to give for Christmas this year to your dog or fellow human? Then we can definitely help you out. Give someone a present that will create amazing  memories from a new experience.

For a human and dog

You can purchase a email voucher for any of our listed activities here, which will give you 12 months to book on the activity you have purchased, a great gift for someone and their dog. 

You can purchase one of our events here for a great experience for someone and their dog, creating lasting memories. 

If your not sure which event or activity they would like then we can also do monetary vouchers - please contact us on if you would be interested.

For your dog

Why not join our dog into The Dog Backpackers Pack here, and recieve some awesome benefits a great little unique gift for your dog. 

We also have products available in our shop to purchase here.

If in any doubt, contact us on and we can see what we can do to help or provide you with a unique gift this year for your dog or a dog and it's human.