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Striding up a Yorkshire Fell

Striding up a Yorkshire Fell

When you are within the beauty of the natural world, you feel free, you mind wonders, your legs wonder and pure enjoyment encases you. What's even better is that i do it with Alpha and Bravo who make the adventure just that bit more exciting. 

For this day we went up a fell in Yorkshire, Buckden Pike. it didn't dissapoint. The weather was against us on this day, however we are always prepared and today of all days we needed to be, low visability meant a map and compass was a must.

Parked up, and off we set, Alpha and Bravo excitiedly barking (they both can be noisy) heading across the beck, of course the girls went in for a dip, i would be suprised if they hadn't. Heading further on a constant gradual incline, which was extremely boggy in parts, the girls manging to get the boggy sock look down to perfection!

We arrived at our first 'tourist point' where you could see the old lead mine entrance, perfect for the girls to explore however a little small for adult humans. The weather was turning and we had to get on, heading to the top we also wanted to go and see the Polish Memorial Cross so we took a slight detour their before then returning back on ourselves to head to the summit.

WOW it was getting cold! little spots of snow had been left from the prevous fall, and if you weren't walkng on that, its was boggy moorland to sink into. We got to the top but didn't stay long and decided to picnic a bit further down on our decending path. As always the girls had their treats, followed by giving me the puppy eyes well I tried to eat my food, inevitably i shared it with them both.

As we descended the girls were still full of life and exploration, running from left to right, sniffing where all the wildlife had been and occassionally eating some rabbit poo that was kindly left behind for them. We were out of the bogs, their boggy sock had been cleaned off and we had completed the full route, with 20 minutes to spare before the sun would set. 

We had a great time on this walk, and will be doing it again when the weather is better so we can see the summit views!