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Wild Welsh Wilderness Weekend

Wild Welsh Wilderness Weekend

Our first mini adventure of 2019

The date finally arrived, it's the start of our mini adventure into the Welsh Wilderness.

Final preps and equipment sorted, we left our warm comfy bed and home and headed on a roadtrip down to Wales for a fantatstic, slighlty unknown adventure. 

Logisitcs was key, as without other human hands to help we had to make sure we had everything, literally everything that we would need, just incase we found no dog friendly places.

Leaving the car behind Alpha, Bravo an myself headed out into some extensive, beautiful woodland situated right next to a wide flowing river, The ground was wet and the river banks had been breached - now we know we are in for some fun! Alpha & Bravo on a mission to go for a dip, but being cautious and with it flowing as fast as it was, there was no chance of letting them in... much to their dissappointment.

Further exploring into the woods to find and make our little home for the next couple of nights, this was very exciting, there were loads of places we could have picked, but we chose a cosy area covered around by shrub, a little way back and upland from the river (we didn't want to get washed out) with a few trees. We set up our wild camping home. Alpha and Bravo watched on, whilst the was fire started and our tent was put up. Alpha has been in a tent before, however this was a whole new experience for Bravo.

Light fading it was time to batten down in the woodland, with the stars and moon shining down from above us. Alpha was straight in, followed very quickly by Bravo. Bravo must have been tired as she went straight to the corner and tucked herself into her sleeping bag, whilst Alpha got in mine. A few hours later I was woken by a lick on my face, thinking Bravo wanted out, it wasn't she just wanted in my sleeping bag to. So all three of us were hunkered down in one bag, cosy and warm.

Activity day one unfortunately didn't go to plan, this was down to myself, however another night partially hidden in the welsh wilderness before it was time to pack up and head to our adventure on day two, then homewardbound. 

We parked up at the carpark, Alpha wore her new JKK9 coat and Bravo wore two coat layers, it was sunny and clear down the bottom but who knows what was going on at the top. Pen y Fan.... I am sure many of you have been.

We set off all geared up, it was great to see so many humans and their hounds also going up Pen y Fan this day. Bravo, full of excitiment, barking at everyone as she went past, following Alpha who is always at point. Pretty sure Alpha knew exactly where she was going, if only I could walk as fast as she would like me to go!

Heading upwards into snow and cloud, we were at a point that we couldn't see that far in front of us, the wind was howling, Alpha and Bravos ears were flapping ready for them to take flight. Further up Pen y Fan and we could barely stand up, Bravo was getting blown away from me, the icey snow was pounding off our skin and eyes, me nor the dogs really wanted to keep our eyes open. Alpha was trying to get on my shoulder and Bravo was quickly picked up as we started to head back. We never made it to the peak of Pen y Fan that day, we don't think many others did either - we turned around where most others had done so. Our safety was top priority. 

Just means we have to go back an visit again!

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