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Two events in one place

Two events in one place

There is no better way to wind down after a hetic Monday than getting your dog and heading down to the lake for an mini adventure.

A little cooler that our last Adventure at our Yorkshire location, however this time we ran the evening doggy SUP Adventure alongside the evening doggy canoeing taster. So you might be thinking chaos? Infact it was far from that.

Having the intro and getting the dogs used to the boards and boats was the starting point, humans knowledged up on how to paddle their craft it was water time!! Let the fun begin. First, in most peoples head, am i going to fall in? will my dog just swim? So the answer - no humans fell in! Most dogs had a little swim. The adventure began across the lake, with some comotion in the top corner as the first dog decided to have a little swim. safely back on his board, the adventure continued. 

Across the beautiful evening sky on the waters top there were humans and their dogs enjoying the late night beauty of a quiet lake. A stunning relaxing paddle with some amazing people and very well behaved dogs, who were more than content with being on a board or in a boat.

Time flew by and the adventures were over, but all humans were smiling and dogs were tired, must have meant the evening had reached everyones expecations. It was time to go home for tea or off to the pub for a quick chat and some grub. 

Throughly enjoyable evening!